Single City Data-set

Single City Data-set [SCD] for a comprehensive view of your city.

‘Single Cities Data’ (SCD) provide a snapshot of a city Innovation potential across 162 City Indicators in 31 segments. The most comprehensive global comparative city benchmarking data – covering all our indexed cities – is available from 2thinknow.

This data presents an instant view of cities strengths and weaknesses via colour coded band scores from 0 to 5, comparing all cities. As well as fully sourced underlying data-points for each of the 162 indicators.


Valuable Cities Data.

The 162 Innovation Indicators as data points cover 31 segments such as:

  • Architecture, History & Planning
  • Arts & Culture
  • Basic Services (Utilities, Food Supply, Water)
  • Business
  • Music & Performance
  • People & Population
  • Public Safety

When interpreted, this valuable Single City Data-set, provides a total snapshot of potential innovation opportunities for a city on a by-industry segment basis. Opportunities of Economic value.

Please email your preferred city name after you check out and our consultants will send you the Single city data for your chosen city.

The data is provided in Microsoft Excel, with an overload of supporting graphics – for immediate use in your slides & reports.

Side facts

This raw scoring data has been weighted and used as the basis of 2thinknow innovation analysis in creating the Innovation Cities Index.

The scoring data enables 2thinknow to provide independent analysis on innovation measurement for cities. However important for the actual innovation progress,  the data establishes structure over a cities economy and contains a snapshot & benchmark for cities.

Use the Single City Data-set and your city turns in to a global city, with the goal to improve. We benchmark your city with all major cities worldwide, including complete city performance data on 162 standard indicators.

Single City Data-sets are part of the City Benchmarking Data program, by 2thinknow,

  • Single Cities Data: provided in Excel
  • Complete performance data on your city.

Available for cities:

Any major city over 100,000 population. See a current list of major cities by region here we hold detailed data currently on. Ordering this product will automatically add your city to this list, and to the top of next Innovation Cities Index addition list for your region.

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