City Packages

Our best city innovation products in bundled value packages for cities.

Bronze: City Reports, Analysis

Tools for analysis of a city
innovation economy.


SILVER: City Innovation Data, Reports & more

Data and analysis to grow your city’s innovation economy.

PLATINUM: City Data, Reports, Analyst Support

Data, analysis and support to grow your city’s innovation economy.

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Who buys:

Cities, Local Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Governments and business.

Package details:

Service packages are for a 12 month period (with an extra month free for annual payments). Service packages are fixed price and save 30%-60% off regular product prices, and include all program services as listed. Both Silver and Platinum service packages include city benchmarking data for a single city.

To order :

Other Configurations:


Discounts if you package data for two or more cities in a location (e.g. state or country) as a service package. Please ask.

Monthly Payment:

You can make your payment as a monthly subscription (divide the total by 12 months) via credit card.

Separate Products:

All innovation products are also available for separate order without subscription.