Innovation Discovery

Find new ideas from cities globally & turn them into innovation.

Each Innovation Discovery helps you find answers to difficult problems in your city and sector. Your project begins with an idea search, and can be a very affordable end-to-end solution to innovation.

Use Innovation Discovery to launch a new city service, find a foreign supplier for a new service, solve your difficult problems or find ideas that have worked in cities around the world. Only our analysts have access 2thinknow’s massive City Benchmarking Data database of the world’s cities, to deliver your innovation.

About Innovation Discovery

Each Innovation Discovery has 3 phases, start with ideas or choose the one you need.

Idea Search

Our analysts find the most creative ideas for your problem. You provide your brief and our program analysts provide you a shortlist of 5-7 plausible ideas from other markets. The process takes only 7-21 days.

The answer to your problem is provided in slide or document format for your discussion and presentation.

Implementation Design

Our analysts select and assess the 2-3 ideas most aligned with your specific needs. We research and present you information on the design of possible implementation paths, as part of our service innovation.

This process takes 14-21 days. Also in slide or document format, as well as video-conference option.

Solution Connect

Our senior analysts make the connections to the suppliers, businesses, agencies and correct people who can make your ideas happen. Introductions and connections will be made via video-conference, online and phone.

This phase takes from 10-30 days typically, depending on complexity.


You can select only 1 phase, or complete all 3 phases of the Innovation Discovery service. Innovation Discovery is designed to be an extremely affordable complete service, especially when compared with management consulting.


Affordable pricing for each phase is listed here.

Booking Discovery


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