Innovation Cities™ Annual Report

Learn our method to measure, compare and create urban innovation economies.

innovation cities analysis report

The Innovation Cities™ Analysis Report contains the basis of our analysis of cities, for measuring and changing city performance, creating dynamic urban innovation economies.

Based on in-person research, the world’s largest and most diverse city benchmarking data and innovative theories of city development, the Innovation Cities™ Analysis Report provides you a basis for growing innovative cities.

The Report explains the working and thinking behind our model of innovation, and the innovation process for cities. The 162 indicators are all discussed and explained. Also included is 2thinknow’s view on innovation in each region of the world.

The report is updated based on the latest information, 1-2 times per year.

Who buys

Globally: City governments, state governments, think tanks, technology research companies, trade boards, universities, libraries, economic associations, venture capitalists and private investors.

The reports ship to any country.

Basic format

The Innovation Cities™ Analysis Report current edition report is 118 A4 large format pages. Standard edition ships as PDF & Print. PDF is designed to be compatible with all mobile and computing devices, including iPads. Print has lie-flat wire binding. First published in 2007. List of all editions

Report Outline:

These are the 3 major sections of the report:

  • Innovation Actions — Analyst recommendations for innovation in 4 global regions (North & South America, Europe, Asia / Oceania & Emerging)
  • Global Innovation Review— State of innovation around the world, and current innovation trends. Broken down into:
    • 3 City Challenges: Explanation of challenges of each city location
    • 21 Global Trends: Key updated global trend predictions for next 5 years.
    • The Global Story: Narrative of how global innovation is unfolding and specific implications for economies/markets.
    • 4 Region Analysis: Analysis of trend predictions for innovation in countries in all 4 regions: North & South America, Europe, Asia / Oceania & Emerging.
      Note: Past years warnings that have come true include: have included the GFC, collapse of finance, recession/depression, strength of Germany
  • Innovation Cities Framework [ICF]— Explanation of our framework for structured measurement, comparison and creation of innovation in cities. Comprised of:
    • 3 Factors: Summary reporting headline innovation(as seen in the Index)
    • 31 Segments: Planning, measuring or comparing innovation by industry or community/segment
    • 162 Indicators: Breakdown of location performance into Indicators (known in business as KPIs)
    • Index Method — Explanation of the framework applied as the 2011 Innovation Cities Index Methodology
    • Current City Scores — Table of 3 Factor Scores for all indexed cities based on framework
    • Additional materials.

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Further Information

The report has its own dedicated resource site here:

Supporting Data:

Detailed Single City Data-set for one city.

Comparative City data-set — compare mix of cities with your choice of current indicators.

Separate City Benchmarking Data site.