City Conference Speaker

Conference Speaker on Innovation Cities at your next city conference.

As Executive Director of Innovation at 2thinknow, Christopher Hire occupies the executive responsibility for the Innovation Cities Program. He also, on occasion delivers speeches, regarding innovation locally and in cities, and will be one of the global presenters in the Local Innovation Forum events, by 2thinknow.

Christopher at Australian Booksellers Association - on innovation in the publishing industry

Christopher Hire speaking on change and innovation in the information industry

Hire originated the program & oversees the junior analysts/interns and network of communication and implementation resources that deliver Innovation Cities™ Program. Hire is a life-long innovator with a dual design and analysis background, and a pervasive interest in arts, culture and sport.

Speaking Innovation.

Hire has delivered speeches since 1998. These ranged from hands-on workshops to conference sessions with a focus on usable insight that attendees can take away. Since 2007 he has focused solely on innovation, having spoken previously on technology topics.

Recent speeches focused on innovation in responding to disruption have included:

  • Australian Booksellers Association Conference
  • Australian Campus Booksellers Association
  • Federal Government Public Sphere 3. Organized by Senator Lundy’s Office
  • National Public Affairs Convention [MEAA/Walkleys]
  • Victorian Department of Innovation, Industry & Regional Development Workshops.

Hire speaks on how to create innovation in cities, with the Innovation Cities™ program.

He also delivers speeches on models of innovation as applied to different cities and cultures.


Availability: Currently, some days in U.S.A., Canada, Europe, Australia/NZ, and most major countries.

Booking: If you would like to feature an Innovation Cities™ speaker at your next conference, please contact us

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