Case Studies

How others have developed their innovation with our program tools.


The Indexes 2thinknow offers helps cities to see their own potential for innovation in the current year.

Our Innovation Services can support progress and change by community and government improving a cities performance.

While our projects for cities remain confidential, our analysts most recently assisted a small Latin American city to create a benchmark plan to increase knowledge potential. We in worked with one of the world’s largest cities in Europe to benchmark their performance and allow high level politicians to create strategy, which can be now seen in global news outlets.


Businesses are mostly interested in our City Benchmarking Data for detailed comparative data. But furthermore 2thinknow offers training in innovation skills for your team.

2thinknow’s Executive Director helped 10 banks to identify 15 new financial services products in a training course, and those products are now being implemented in emerging markets with a potential value of over $1 BN.


Investors use our comparative data services of all major cities to compare destinations for investments. Investors arrange specialist analyst consulting to benchmark locations by market, and invest in new ideas.

Financial investors used our data to identify which Chinese city to place a training company in, with a value of $5-10M direct investment, and likely revenues of $50-100M per annum.


Using our City Benchmarking Data and the Innovation™ City Index gives industries the possibility to improve their statistics. Further 2thinknow offers leading training for innovation skills for your leaders and teams.

State governments have used our custom manufacturing data to assess the relative value of industries to the economy. Industry associations have received 90% positive feedback on speeches to identify disruption and the likely impact of trends in their key city markets globally.



You have an idea but need information? Consultants can access to our City Benchmarking Data and commercial experience, as well as commissioning to work with our analysts.

Helped consultants determine the best European city for the location of telecommunication infrastructure and manufacturing business by using the latest city data. Estimated value $50M of business.

Advantage & Confidentiality

Much of our data and training is strategic and may give competitive advantage to clients. As you can see on this site, we will disclose only current project overviews without client names, or client names without project overviews. We never discuss project details, and we file these using secure encrypted systems that are secured. Clients can request total non-disclosure and added security.

Want to understand the innovation?

There are training and courses available to completely understand innovation.With group training, your team can learn the steps to building your innovation capability. You will practise with real-life exercises and you will see case studies in real innovation. Only with 2thinknow will you have real products, plans, projects for innovation at the end of course. Review our course catalog of group course online or contact us for a custom course outline.

Find out more about our innovation services or simply contact us to discuss your project.