Analyst City Review Visit

Senior analysts visit and assist your city with innovation.

Each Analyst City Review includes:

  • Keynote Speech to your conference or city &/OR
  • Half-day Workshop Session


  • Consultation meetings with city leaders
  • Consultation meetings with business leaders, and business visits
  • University visits
  • Visits to Cultural Assets
  • Visits to Human Infrastructure
  • Charity events
  • Interviews with journalists

The effect is both a presentation of by our analysts, and an interactive knowledge exchange consultation. From a schedule of activities your city is able to gain maximum advantage from the analyst visit to your city.


This is up to you, however, a suggested analyst city review is:

DAY 1: Speech and/or Workshop (1 day)

DAY 2: Consultation / meetings in City

DAY 3: Meetings / visit in greater metropolitan area

In evenings, cultural event passes (eg. film festivals) or invitations to charity events will allow our analysts to experience and further engage with your city.


Typically 3 days and 3 evenings in your city. You can shorten or lengthen this by half a day, or otherwise by arrangement.


Your city! Any city in the world that has a nearby international airport, or is accessible.



TIP — Ask us to fit in with your conference or event.


Current service pricing for Analyst City Review Visits.

Other costs

Analyst visits to cities in Russia, Ukraine, Mid-East, former soviet Republics, South America, India, Africa and some parts of Asia will always incur travel costs including airfares, accommodation and meals for a senior analyst + accompanying junior analyst.For your budget, this typically is one business class and one companion economy fare ex Australia, and other arrangements of your choice.

For visits to the U.S., China, Europe/U.K., Canada, SE Asia and Japan travel costs may be reduced substantially based on shared itineraries. We will advise you when booking. For Australia, New Zealand, there is no travel charge.

Further Benefits

Cities organizing Analyst Review Visits receive a package of a speech, consulting and the formation of a relationship with our analysts. Our analysts are generous with their time, and advice, and can provide you with expert steps to what other cities have done for many social and economic challenges.

There are also additional benefits in terms of greater analyst awareness of your city, case studies regarding your cities, international trade and business. Any city we visit is automatically assessed for 162 city indicators, or re-assessed, at the time of the visit based on any new data. Some cities may change better ‘in-person’ than on paper.

When compared with the cost of a visiting speaker, our Analyst City Review provides superior value to your city.