Analyst Briefings

Analyst briefings on city index performance and city innovation.

Analyst briefings explain the Innovation Cities™ Index, and city innovation for a specific city. Our analyst briefings also give Index users a chance to discuss actions for innovation for organizations and business, within a city.

Starting in 2011, organizations within 331 benchmark cities classified in the Innovation Cities™ Index are eligible for analyst briefings. The Innovation Cities™ Index 2011 is in its 5th year of publishing. Analyst briefings for a city are available to premium subscribers, or for order.

Analyst Ideas

Your analyst briefings discuss the following key points about city innovation for one city:

  • Your city’s recent Index classifications
  • Our current summary analysis of your city
  • Current Cultural Assets and Human Infrastructure in a city
  • Potential in accessing global networks from this location
  • Any planned improvements
  • Guidance on future Index directions

Analyst briefings can also discuss the Indexes in general, with special multi-part briefings available for multiple cities.

Briefing formats

Analyst briefings are available in 2 formats

  • Phone Briefing
  • Personal Video-Conference
  • Personal Briefing Meeting

Phone or video briefings are available in units of an hour, personal briefings are available for longer periods (limits apply for subscriptions). Minimum days / hours may not be required based on timing.

Booking Analyst Briefings

Premium subscribers have either phone or personal briefings included for set times, and can book with our analysts personally. Conditions apply. See subscriptions.

Time-based Non-premium subscribers and non-subscribers can book analyst briefings at current 2thinknow consulting rates. These can be booked via details on the online request form.