About Innovation Cities Program

This program is designed to give you the data, training and tools turns your ideas into innovation where you are.

Below are 5 roles commonly assumed by innovators. What role best describes your needs?


The Innovation Cities™ Program provides powerful tools for implementing your ideas in cities, business and organizations. All 2thinknow innovation services are designed to help create your innovation.


Start to compare city locations for innovation potential in general with the Index classifications. Select cities and indicators from the  Comparative City Data-set.You can also start with the Innovation Cities™ Analysis Report, book a course or hire our analysts to consult via video.


Measure cities in detail with City benchmarking data for cities everywhere. This includes Single City Data-sets for your chosen or home city. Or Comparative City Data-sets for measuring many cities on selected indicators. Or ask us about the Innovation Course specializing in Metric Design.


Use all program resources to renew and change cities over time. These include the Innovation Course for Business or for Cities. We also now provide Local innovation forum events for communities.


The annual Innovation Cities™ Indexes reward all classified cities with honors every year since 2007. Order Award Certificates and Award Trophies to showcase your civic pride and achievement for each year.

Service Products from Innovation Principles

The 2thinknow innovation process is available in all our training service products, it’s group innovation training for cities and government that changes outcomes. And we packaged them up into flat price service products you can book online from anywhere. We designed these service products based around innovation to help business, cities and innovators like you.


Who works with us, and how.


Our indexes, data, training and advice service products help government and community to see the potential of innovation, change and progress in their city.


Businesses are mostly interested in our City Benchmarking Data for market opportunities, and training to create innovation inside the walls.


Investors are looking for the best place to invest in. By using our data services they can compare destinations for investment.


Industries are interested in innovation training and events in their to boost commerce in their cities.


Who Created?

Based in Melbourne Australia, 2thinknow is the world’s first innovation agency. 2thinknow was established 2006, as a spinoff from a 1999 data services company. We have designed original models to measure and deliver innovation to cities, business seeking new markets and growth, and NGO/government clients.

The founder behind the Program was Christopher Hire, a long time analyst for clients from the government, corporate and community sectors. He is from the U.S. and currently lives mostly in Melbourne.

Get Involved

To get involved contact 2thinknow here: or via twitter @2thinknow