Innovation Cities Americas Index 2011

Americas Innovation Cities: USA, Canada, South America City rankingsCity innovation classifications and rankings 2011 for USA, Canada and South America.

World’s largest city classification and global ranking with 117 Americas cities (86 USA, 14 Canada, 17 South America)  from 331 benchmark cities classified, and with top cities ranked in 2011. Based on 2thinknow analysis of cities on 162 city indicators from 2thinknow City Benchmarking Data program. Established 2007.


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1 Boston Massachusetts United States 1 1 NEXUS
2 San Francisco Bay Area California United States 2 1 NEXUS
3 New York New York United States 4 1 NEXUS
4 Toronto Canada 10 1 NEXUS
5 Seattle Washington United States 25 1 NEXUS
6 Los Angeles California United States 29 1 NEXUS
7 Montréal Canada 31 1 NEXUS
8 Philadelphia Pennsylvania United States 33 1 NEXUS
9 Chicago Illinois United States 34 2 HUB
10 Washington DC District of Columbia United States 35 2 HUB
11 Vancouver Canada 49 2 HUB
12 Austin Texas United States 51 2 HUB
13 Denver Colorado United States 54 2 HUB
14 Minneapolis-St Paul Minnesota United States 55 2 HUB
15 Orlando Florida United States 56 2 HUB
16 Portland Oregon United States 60 2 HUB
17 Ann Arbor Michigan United States 72 2 HUB
18 Raleigh-Durham North Carolina United States 73 2 HUB
19 Dallas-Fort Worth Texas United States 76 2 HUB
20 Québec Canada 79 2 HUB
21 Calgary Alberta Canada 81 2 HUB
22 Houston Texas United States 87 2 HUB
23 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania United States 92 2 HUB
24 Jacksonville Florida United States 94 2 HUB
25 Baltimore Maryland United States 95 2 HUB
26 Atlanta Georgia United States 97 2 HUB
27 Tallahassee Florida United States 98 2 HUB
28 San Diego California United States 99 2 HUB
29 Kansas City KO/MO United States 101 2 HUB
30 Newark New Jersey United States 103 2 HUB
31 Tampa Florida United States 105 2 HUB
32 Edmonton Canada 107 3 NODE
33 São Paulo Brazil 109 3 NODE
34 Boise Idaho United States 110 3 NODE
35 Boulder Colorado United States 116 3 NODE
36 Honolulu Hawaii United States 117 3 NODE
37 Springfield Massachusetts United States 118 3 NODE
38 Miami Florida United States 119 3 NODE
39 Providence Rhode Island United States 121 3 NODE
40 Oakland California United States 123 3 NODE
41 Madison Wisconsin United States 124 3 NODE
42 Birmingham Alabama United States 125 3 NODE
Buffalo New York United States 3 NODE
Charlotte North Carolina United States 3 NODE
Charlottesville Virginia United States 3 NODE
Cleveland Ohio United States 3 NODE
Colorado Springs Colorado United States 3 NODE
Des Moines Iowa United States 3 NODE
Las Vegas Nevada United States 3 NODE
Manchester New Hampshire United States 3 NODE
Memphis Tennessee United States 3 NODE
Milwaukee Wisconsin United States 3 NODE
Nashville Tennessee United States 3 NODE
Phoenix Arizona United States 3 NODE
Riverside California United States 3 NODE
Rochester New York United States 3 NODE
Salt Lake City Utah United States 3 NODE
San Antonio Texas United States 3 NODE
Savannah Georgia United States 3 NODE
St Louis Missouri United States 3 NODE
Bridgeport Connecticut United States 3 NODE
Buenos Aires Argentina 3 NODE
Charleston South Carolina United States 3 NODE
Cincinnati Ohio United States 3 NODE
Curitiba Brazil 3 NODE
Detroit Michigan United States 3 NODE
Fort Lauderdale Florida United States 3 NODE
Fresno California United States 3 NODE
Grand Rapids Michigan United States 3 NODE
Green Bay Wisconsin United States 3 NODE
Hartford Connecticut United States 3 NODE
Oklahoma City Oklahoma United States 3 NODE
Richmond Virginia United States 3 NODE
Rochester Minnesota United States 3 NODE
Sacramento California United States 3 NODE
Syracuse New York United States 3 NODE
Albuquerque New Mexico United States 3 NODE
Augusta Georgia United States 3 NODE
Cedar Rapids Iowa United States 3 NODE
Chattanooga United States 3 NODE
Columbus Ohio United States 3 NODE
El Paso Texas United States 3 NODE
Fredericton – St John New Brunswick Canada 3 NODE
Halifax Canada 3 NODE
Indianapolis Indiana United States 3 NODE
London Canada 3 NODE
Mexico City Mexico 3 NODE
New Orleans Louisiana United States 3 NODE
Omaha Nebraska United States 3 NODE
Ottawa Canada 3 NODE
Rio De Janeiro Brazil 3 NODE
Springfield Illinois United States 3 NODE
Toledo Ohio United States 3 NODE
Tucson Arizona United States 3 NODE
Winnipeg Canada 3 NODE
Bozeman Montana United States 4 INFLUENCER
Brasilia Brazil 4 INFLUENCER
Hamilton Canada 4 INFLUENCER
Kitchener Canada 4 INFLUENCER
Lexington Kentucky United States 4 INFLUENCER
Little Rock Arkansas United States 4 INFLUENCER
Louisville Kentucky United States 4 INFLUENCER
Moncton New Brunswick Canada 4 INFLUENCER
Monterrey Mexico 4 INFLUENCER
Panama City Panama 4 INFLUENCER
Reno Nevada United States 4 INFLUENCER
Springfield Missouri United States 4 INFLUENCER
Tulsa Oklahoma United States 4 INFLUENCER
Belo Horizonte Brazil 4 INFLUENCER
Cordoba Argentina 4 INFLUENCER
Porto Alegre Brazil 4 INFLUENCER
Guadalajara Mexico 4 INFLUENCER
Lima Peru 5 UPSTART
Montevideo Uruguay 5 UPSTART
Santiago Chile 5 UPSTART
San Juan Puerto Rico 5 UPSTART
Bogotá Colombia

Key to index.

All cities are graded into award categories based on their index score. In descending order of importance to the innovation economy:

NEXUS: Critical nexus for multiple economic and social innovation segments

HUB: Dominance or influence on key economic and social innovation segments , based on global rends

NODE: Broad performance across many innovation segments, with key imbalances

INFLUENCER: Competitive in some segments, potential or imbalanced

UPSTART: Potential steps towards relative future performance in a few innovation segments

Regions are defined as follows:

AMERICAS: North and South America

EUROPE: The U.N. defined Europe with European union, Western Russia, Israel and major Turkish cities

ASIA: Asia and Oceania (Australia/NZ)

EMERGING: Mid-East, Africa, Turkey and Caucasus states

Full details

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Methodology in brief:

The Index is the most comprehensive city ranking and scoring. Each city was selected from 1,540 cities based on basic factors of health, wealth, population, geography. The selected 331 cities had data extracted the city benchmarking data program on 162 indicators. Each of the benchmarking data were scored by analysts using best available qualitative analysis and quantitative statistics (see City Benchmarking Data to purchase city data). Where data was unavailable, national or state estimates were used.

Data was then trend balanced against 21 global trends, by analysts.For the final index had a zeitgeist (analyst confidence) factor added, and score reduced to a 3 factor score for Cultural Assets, Human Infrastructure and Networked Markets. For city Classification, these scores were competitively graded into 5 bands (Nexus, Hub, Node, Influencer, Upstart)

The top 33% of Nexus and Hub ( and selected Node cities of future interest)  final graded scores were ranked by analysts based on trends over 2-5 years. From this global Index, 4 regional indexes for Americas, Europe, Asia and Emerging are also produced.

Please note the full list above is classified (Node, Influencer, Upstart) not ranked except wher a rank is noted. Rankings are just for general information. A node ranking is considered globally competitive. More discussion and questions answered in this FAQ.

For more details on methodology, please see the FAQ or order the Innovation Cities Analysis Report.

Reproduction of this list:

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About 2thinknow Innovation Cities™ Program:

Based in Melbourne Australia, 2thinknow are the world’s first innovation agency. Established 2006 we have  designed original  models to measure and deliver innovation to cities, business seeking new markets and growth, and NGO/government clients.

2thinknow Innovation Cities Program to provide powerful tools for creating an innovation economy. This includes the city benchmarking data details on cities by segment globally, recently launched local innovation forum events, analyst reports such as the flagship Innovation Cities™ Analysis Report

In 2011, in the Innovation Course, we are teaching our clients new innovation methods and practices. 2thinknow work with other clients through innovation consulting, analyst reports, projects  and innovation services, as well as a number of online resources and groups.

Since 2009, 2thinknow as world’s first innovation agency have classified cities for broad-based innovation. 2thinknow have published the Innovation Cities Indexes city rankings free online since 2007, when they started with a very small 22 cities.

This is now 331 cities in the 2011 year, and is the world’s largest and most diverse city ranking.

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