Innovation Cities Index

The Innovation Cities™ Index  is the world’s leading index classification and top ranking of cities potential as innovation economies. There are 445 cities in the Index. Our analysis is different and enlightening as it defines based on their potential for creation, implementation and communication of ideas in their urban economies.

The Innovation Cities Index™ 2015 … Soon to launch announcement.

Current: Innovation Cities™ Index 2014  (Or, see last years resources)

The basis of each year’s Index is the Innovation Cities™ Framework analysis of Factors, Segments, Indicators and Data Points.


9th Year Global

The Innovation Cities™ Index is an index available over many years. Following are the Innovation Cities™ Indexes for all years:

2014 | 2012-13 | 2011 | 2010 | 2009 | 2008 | 2007

2015 Soon.


All cities in the Index are classified for global innovation based on their potential for innovation performance across 31 segments of their city economy. These are the 5 classes:

Nexus | Hub | Node | Influencer | Upstart

See > Classification explained

By Place

For evaluation of your region, there are 4 regional indexes:

Americas (USA, Canada & Latin America)
(Europe, Israel & Russia)
Asia (China, India, Japan, Asia, Australia, NZ)
Emerging (Africa, Mid-East, Eurasia)


We summarize every city on 3 factors and freely publish this score.

Cultural Assets of a city from arts to sports industries.
Human Infrastructure, from mobility to start-ups, health, finance and more.
Networked Markets, the power of a city in a networked world.


In our commercial analysis, the 3 factors are broken down into 31 industry & community segments. 2thinknow have provided analysis on innovation in these segments in reports to clients like Ernst & Young and speeches or training for industries like global banking.

Review the 31 segments.


Detailed commercial data is available for 162 indicators that our analysts use to create the final 3 factor city index score and ranking of top cities. This uniquely standardized data, City Benchmarking Data is available for a single city or by indicator for any of 445 cities.

Here is the current list of 162 indicators.

Resources for City Government

Innovation City Indexes are an introduction to Program Products and Packages which City Government can participate in to communicate and improve each cities economic and social development through innovation.


The Report reveals methodology and 162 indicators, as well as the global Context.


162 Indicators for any cities including scores and analysis. Purchase only the data you need.

Single City Data Set
Comparative City Data Set


Award and reward your city with trophies and certificates available for 2012, and prior years.


Previous Indexes received global coverage from Reuters, BI, Entrepreneur, FP, Huffington Post, Boston Globe & newspapers.


Some more about the Methodology

Cities are selected based on health, wealth, population and geographical factors. Indicators are observed and collected for all major cities. Since 2009, this has been 162 indicators. These are bench marked using guides, in an annual process called the Global Innovation Review. Scores are reduced to 3 factors (comprised of a mix of indicators) — with each score out of 10.

These are summed to form a score our of 60 (2012-14) and 30 (2007-11), which is known as a band score. Cities that achieve the same band score range are competitive, and classified into the 5 classes.

The full explanation is to be ordered in the Innovation Cities Analysis Report. In this report the Factors, Segments and Indicators are explained, and the logic behind their functioning.

Summary information re the current Index: 2014 FAQ & Overview.

The First Index for Innovation Economies

Established in 2007, with 22 cities released. In 2009 this was expanded to 256 cities, with reference to 162 indicators. During this time scoring of the indicators has undergone 3 review cycles. The 2011 Index is the result of this analysis work, although further refinements will be made in 2012, including the addition of over 100 more provisional cities from USA, Russia, Ukraine, China, Asia and Latin America among other locations.

View the latest Innovation Cities™ Index here.