Leading knowhow & insight to turn your ideas into innovation in cities globally.

Start with the Innovation Cities Index, classifying cities since 2007 to measure your cities potential as an innovation economy.

The Innovation Cities Index 2014 by 2thinknow, is soon to launch. Or, see prior 2012-2013

Once you have a general view, move into specific commercial data and training products to grow and profit from the innovative segments of your local economy, or compare global cities for innovation. Then when you are ready, work with our analysts to grow and develop innovation in your city and business.

City Packages

For local city professionals we offer bronze, silver and platinum city packages, which are very detailed and include analysis, data and/or analyst support on a chosen single city. Compare packages as these bundles save from individual service products. See City Packages

Innovation Services

To compare, measure and create innovation use our innovation service products. These include City Benchmarking Data, the Innovation Course, analyst reports and other innovation enablers. Customers include major cities, government, business, investors and smart people everywhere. More

Leading Cities & Companies Trust Us with Innovation

That’s because this program was founded by 2thinknow — the world’s first innovation agency, established 2006 in Melbourne, Australia (when everyone else was having pina coladas and getting caught in the boom). Having exited research phase, we are rapidly acquiring new customers globally, including cities, businesses, investment professional, industry groups and others. We are growing fast, now offering global innovation training to share our innovation process, in addition to our cities data product.

Like these clients you can trust us with the data, training and web projects to turn your local ideas into an innovation process.

Successful Examples

2thinknow has some pretty cool case studies to demonstrate how our innovation program works so well for these different groups, and their change projects:


Big and small cities use this program to create, measure, compare innovation progress.


Businesses have used this program to plan their new innovations in product, process and projects.


Investors used ideas from this program to make successful investment decisions on competing cities.


Industries have use this program to inspire change in their industries which are facing disruptive technologies.


Consultants have used this program to write high value added reports based on our affordable data for their clients.

Share the Innovation with us!

Innovation is a process. We at 2thinknow want to make you a part of that process and share it worldwide! While a very busy firm, our analysts are happy to give interviews, work on articles with you and receive requests for journal or other collaborations.

Let’s build an Innovation Economy! Now!

We at 2thinknow want to create as much business and city innovation, new jobs and creative implemented ideas as we possibly can. Innovation is about implementation. Business and cities create all the jobs and the economic activity. So we designed creative, affordable innovation service products for city and market-led economic development to help cities, business and others innovate. The Innovation Cities Program is a cluster of cool tools to create your ideas as local and global innovation. Rock and roll!

Reach out and get in touch here at any time.